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Upcoming Social Network glimpse. Adding Friends to a group cannot get easier than this.

An idea that is developed & put into action
is more important than idea that exists only as an idea


These precious words come from the originator of 'lateral thinking', Edward de Bono.Infocular Joint Venture program draws inspiration from this beautiful thought, which, therefore, forms the cornerstone of our endeavor of trying to equalize opportunity for all mankind.

Why wait to execute your ideas in future when you can do it right now? Infocular has a long-standing history of bringing ideas to reality. We understand the significance of time and believe that an idea can earn millions, if launched at the right time with the right strategy. Our highly-experienced experts not only can thoroughly guide you but also assist you in research, develop and successful launch of your ideas.

Therefore, our Joint Venture Program is based on the following expression:

Idea + Implementation = Rewarding Experience

Each component of this equation is equally valuable, and in order to have rewarding experience, both of them should be meticulously dealt with.

Never has a day gone by, without hearing people exclaim: "Oh, I thought of that but I wish I had executed my idea." We understand that sometimes conditions are not favorable for an individual to carry out plans. It could be that someone is short on funds, perhaps lacking the expertise, or just do not have an appropriate strategy and thereby the courage to move along. In which case, we will be more than willing to step in and help you financially and/or otherwise.


Great Venture Ideas - Happy Customers !!